Small Bag Monthly Subscription: Aunt B’s Gourmet Dog Treats Small Bag (20 treats)


Fresh Homemade dog treats delivered straight to your door at the first of each month! 

You may be thinking "Why does my dog NEED these treats, and why does she love them so much?" Well it's all about the ingredients. Made with homemade bone broth, fresh vegetables, and high quality flour.  Bone broth (our top secret recipe) is proven to help treat many ailments in the dog world and luckily dogs go crazy for the B's Bakery bone broth taste. Click around and make your Dog's day.


-Bone Broth: (great for digestion issues, detox liver, great for immune system, protect joints, full of minerals)
-flaxseed: (skin/coat)
-brewers yeast: rich in vitamins (B2, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7 and B9) and antioxidants.
-coconut oil: an immune builder.
-oat flour: anti inflammatory and skin soothing.
-rice flour: good for sensitive tummies.
-Parsley: helps with Bad breath.
-Turmeric: helps with arthritis or joint pain.
-Pumpkin: helps with gas and digestion problems.

Each small bag contains 20 Gourmet treats.