Helpful Tips for Getting Kids Ready in the Morning and Out the Door on Time

So I’m writing to moms who want an easy fix to getting the kids ready and out the door easier and more peacefully (without yelling ). I have a bit of experience in getting kids ready since I have 5. Now experience does not equal expertise but I do have a few tips that you might find valuable.

I HATE being late so I become a a bit of a “freak out” if everyone is running around like crazy when it’s time to go.  But, I also hate nagging and yelling at everyone when I’m trying to get all the kids out the door.  My little minions have no concept of time and I feel like it is each of their personal goals to be the last one in the car. I struggled getting everyone ready each day until I started implementing these simple things.  First, we all know that we want our kids to look decently cute, but if your like me then getting them into the car with a shirt and two shoes on is a win. Not even matching shoes, just shoes. Well that was the past! Now I have some keys to getting everyone ready on time and looking cute in the process. Here are a few things to do that I hope it will make your life and your kids life a little easier! 

  1. Buy easy to put on outfits. Build a wardrobe that has plenty of pieces that are easy for your kids to put on themselves. There are so many stylish options these days that are designed for kids to put on easily, so keep this in mind when making purchases for the kiddos. 
  2. Set outfits out the night before. Set the kids clothes, underwear, shoes, and socks out in the same place every night! It feels good when you go to bed knowing everything is ready for the next day and there will be no rush to find things in the morning. Show the kids their clothes before they go to bed so they know where to find them in the morning. Don’t skip this part, it is the key to success in the morning get ready rush!!
  3. Create a reward. Have a set reward your child earns for successfully getting dressed in the morning. Something simple like vitamin gummies is what I have used. The kids know that they can’t have their “gummies” until they are all ready for the day. 

Believe me, at first this will be a challenge for kids that are use to a lot of assistance when getting ready. But I can promise you it will become a great habit once everyone gets into a routine. It will build your children’s confidence and it will help them establish independence while making your life as a mom just a little easier. Whether it's to school, ball games, or just to the grocery, we all want to load up and head out in peace!

October 05, 2018 by Brittany Hendrix

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