Stars and Stripes Cake. So Cute and Delicious!

So this post is going to be short and sweet. I guess like all of my blog posts...

Anyway, here is one of my favorite summer desserts especially for the 4th of July!! This flag cake is a tried and true recipe that can be altered in many ways to be a little healthier or not so healthy. The choice is yours!

This is a cake my mom made every year on the fourth of July and has now become a family tradition for me to make as well. Both because we LOVE AMERICA and we love desserts that can be adapted to be a little more on the healthier side. If your kids are like mine and are not used to processed sugar then I have to watch out for too much of it, because 5 kids all hyped up on sugar is a little crazy. Actually a lot crazy. But I guess that's what I signed up for.

So Here is the recipe, and keep scrolling for a healthier alternative...

-First bake ANY cake of your choosing in a 12x8 glass baking dish. Honestly plain white cake from a box seems to be the best. I always buy "supermoist" brands or something similar, because who likes a dry cake? Do NOT over bake the cake. Bake it until inserting a clean knife in the center barely comes out clean. If there is a little residue or moisture on the knife when inserting it, that is perfect, it's now moist but baked through. 

-Top the cake with cool whip if you want to refrigerate the dessert. Frost with white frosting if you plan to keep the cake sitting out. 

-Then add the blueberries and strawberry slices. Slice the strawberries in half. Start with placing the blueberries in the corner of the cake to represent the stars on the flag. Top with strawberry slices to represent the stripes on the flag.

This cake turns out so cool and it's so easy!!


-1 carton of fresh strawberries

-1 carton of fresh blueberries

-1 small tub of whipped cream or white icing.

-I box of white cake mix

*Note that this cake pairs best with fireworks, water balloon fights, and cocktails.


-Bake the cake in a 12x8 glass baking dish according to the instructions.

-Top the cake (after it has cooled) with cool whip or icing.

-Layer blueberries and strawberries to make an American Flag!

*To make it a little healthier I get fresh unprocessed cream from our local dairy farm and I make a homemade whipped cream in my kitchen aid. I either don't add any sweetener if I'm feeling mean, or I add some honey if I'm feeling a little more generous. My kids prefer the honey homemade whip cream of course. 

Happy Fourth of July!!

So I just had to add this old pic from the cookbook my mom made me!! It brought back good memories of us making it together...




Kara said:

Love the sweet pic from your mom’s recipe book! I am planning on making something similar but in pie form this year. Brian loves blueberry pie so I’ll just add some strawberries on top 😋

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