Stay humble, hustle hard... Real mom life.

 I really love the quote "Stay humble, hustle hard." It's a sort of motto I've adopted for my stay at home mom/business woman life.  Now when I say stay humble I don't mean it as if it's a choice for me. I stay humble everyday because everyday kicks my butt. Right when I think I have it all together and I'm starting to think I'm really great, something happens. Something ALWAYS happens. I catch my kids eating chicken food in the backyard, my toddler sharpies the couch, I get the time wrong for my kindergartners play, I forget to do the payroll taxes, I throw my sons scooter in the pond. The list could go on and on. I would like to think it's true about almost everyone's life... something ALWAYS happens to humble us, to give us perspective, or to teach us something. So I stay humble a lot! But what I have found to be the most helpful in these humbling moments, hours, days, and sometimes months is to just simply hustle (and drink more coffee).

Now the more life throws my way, I've learned the harder I have to hustle. Hustle in prayer, hustle in business, hustle in parenting. All I want to do when I'm feeling down and upset and defeated is sleep. Well guess what, that's just not an option when you have 5 kids. So the next best option is to work and to work hard. For me, the opposite of feeling sorry for myself is hard work. I can either choose to focus on my problems, my kids issues, and my lack of parenting skills, among other things or I can work hard to be better. I can put more focus into my time with God, I can spend more time doing the hard but necessary parts of running a business, I can research parenting ideas, and spend more quality time with my kids. It's all work, and its all hard work. I have to hustle hard each day to make it. I owe it to my family, my friends, my companies and most importantly to God. Everyone in my life expects and deserves my best and I have to stay humble and hustle hard to give them my best everyday. Its exhausting, its exciting and it comes with no glory, but it's all part of being a mom. I can honestly say that working hard and hustling everyday is the best therapy for those humbling moments in life, and I encourage everyone to hustle a little harder even when it's the last thing you want to do because hard work will pay off.

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